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Fundraiser at Dillon Dam

Good afternoon friends!

We wanted to share good news with you and an answer to many prayers!

First, Deanna made it safely back to the US and is currently in California having meetings and finishing up a few items before heading home to Colorado this weekend! Just in time for the big fundraiser next Wednesday night! (more about that later)

The BIG news is that the teacher’s strike is OVER!!! Halleluiah!! The government has been able to come to terms with the teachers and everyone is going back to school. The dates of the term are being adjusted to allow for the dates missed so that everyone can stay on track! Another answer to prayers.

We are excited to share this wonderful news with

Update from Kenya 09.20.12

Hello praying friends! Deanna has had an over full week! Thank you so much for praying over her!!

Her meetings all went very well this week and we are thankful for the people who have come to the surface around her, including our attorney’s. They’ve done a great job in trying to get everything handled while she is in country.

We are under contract with the builder and he has begun to get all of the pieces in place to begin the actual construction later this fall – he has a lot of “preliminary work” to do before he can actually start the buildings. PLEASE STAND WITH US IN PRAYER!!

Deanna was able to go out to Webuye for a very quick trip

Update from Kenya 09.12.12

Good morning everyone. As we wake this morning, Deanna, Garrett and Kelli are at Miracle House with the children able to spend some quality time with them. God is good and we continue to see His faithfulness. The children are growing, several of the newer children are finally putting on weight and responding to the vitamins!

We also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLI!! What a great way to celebrate!

Unfortunately, Deanna’s important meeting that was scheduled today has been postponed to the 18th, please continue to lift her up as she prepares once again for this meeting next week.

Also, there is currently a teacher’s strike across Kenya which has all but shut down many of the schools in the country. This

Update from Kenya 09.11.12

Hello all! This is a quick update to celebrate with you and let you know about a very important prayer need we have for Deanna.

First, Happy Birthday Miracle House! Today is the 6 years anniversary of our original Limuru location! Thank you Lord for the provision, protection and peace you have given to us to make today a great celebration!!

Next, to update you – Deanna is in Kenya right now for some administrative appointments and meetings with our attorneys. Tomorrow morning 9/12 (tonight at our midnight MDT) she will be in another very important meeting and we are asking for coverage over her and this meeting.

Things are going well there, she is able to have some time with Garrett and