Update from Kenya 09.12.12

Good morning everyone. As we wake this morning, Deanna, Garrett and Kelli are at Miracle House with the children able to spend some quality time with them. God is good and we continue to see His faithfulness. The children are growing, several of the newer children are finally putting on weight and responding to the vitamins!

We also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLI!! What a great way to celebrate!

Unfortunately, Deanna’s important meeting that was scheduled today has been postponed to the 18th, please continue to lift her up as she prepares once again for this meeting next week.

Also, there is currently a teacher’s strike across Kenya which has all but shut down many of the schools in the country. This situation has caused increasing frustrations as there is no evident resolution in sight. All of the MH students who go to the national schools are now at the MH locations and being cared for there during the day. Please pray for the way forward for the Kenya Education officials as they try and resolve the situation with the teachers and get them back to work and the students back in class.

As I spoke with Deanna this morning she was out in the field of Mission School (right next door to MH Limuru) with the staff and the children playing. Several of the girls have their “pillow case” dresses on – she said it was fun to see them wearing them and enjoying the extra play time!!

Thank you for continuing to stand with Miracle House as we seek the way forward for these situations and for Deanna & the administrative and business tasks that still need to be resolved.

You are a blessing friend and we are grateful to have you by our side on this journey.