Update from Kenya 09.20.12

Hello praying friends! Deanna has had an over full week! Thank you so much for praying over her!!

Her meetings all went very well this week and we are thankful for the people who have come to the surface around her, including our attorney’s. They’ve done a great job in trying to get everything handled while she is in country.

We are under contract with the builder and he has begun to get all of the pieces in place to begin the actual construction later this fall – he has a lot of “preliminary work” to do before he can actually start the buildings. PLEASE STAND WITH US IN PRAYER!!

Deanna was able to go out to Webuye for a very quick trip and loved seeing the kids. She was able to spend time with all of our kids in both locations because the teacher’s strike is still in full swing – so the older children we only see for a quick minute on their lunch break and in the evenings usually, have been around more. She was able to spend some quality time with all of the children!!

Please continue to pray for Kenya and the quick resolution for the teacher’s strike. This is putting the older children, especially the candidates for Class 8 and Form 4 (HS seniors)in jeopardy this fall as their exams are approaching and they are now “self teaching”. If any of the teachers are caught teaching their classes they are in danger themselves, so the kids are essentially on their own, or are leaving the schools and going back home, becoming “idle”.

This danger also goes for our MH teachers! They are not on strike, but are in danger if they are found to be teaching … it has become very complicated and they are asking for our prayers for quick resolution!!

Deanna flies back to the US this weekend – thank you for keeping her and the entire MH staff & volunteers in your daily prayers, even when we are here at home!

You are a blessing to us and we thank you for standing faithfully with us.