Fundraiser at Dillon Dam

Good afternoon friends!

We wanted to share good news with you and an answer to many prayers!

First, Deanna made it safely back to the US and is currently in California having meetings and finishing up a few items before heading home to Colorado this weekend! Just in time for the big fundraiser next Wednesday night! (more about that later)

The BIG news is that the teacher’s strike is OVER!!! Halleluiah!! The government has been able to come to terms with the teachers and everyone is going back to school. The dates of the term are being adjusted to allow for the dates missed so that everyone can stay on track! Another answer to prayers.

We are excited to share this wonderful news with you and to say thank you for standing with us as we work on behalf of our kids. You are an important part of who we are!!

Now, about the big fundraiser – we are having a benefit dinner and silent auction next Wednesday night, October 3, 2012 at the Dillon Dam Brewery. Tickets are $15 and include entry to the event, dinner and a beverage. All proceeds will go to Miracle House and our Base Camp fund!!

We have signed the contract with the builder, so we need to get going on the fundraising so we can afford to keep him building!! This is it, folks. We have been waiting and praying for this day to come for over 6 years now…God is faithful to His word and we rejoice with you as we take these next steps for the future of the children and Miracle House!!

Blessings dear friend!