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UPDATE! Deanna and Samantha in Kenya

Miracle House Trip Update & Prayer Requests

April 19, 2014

Continue to Pray … 

Hadassah has come through her first surgery very well. The doctors were able to clean out the wounds thoroughly and even removed pieces of glass that had been imbedded in her arm.

She will be going back into surgery this next week (Tues, Wed or Thurs) to have the bones set and the arm reconstructed. Her hand is doing better and the swelling is much less and continues to

Update! News about Hadassah!

Continue to Pray … 


The van after the accident
last Friday night


Reports through the day today have been ALL GOOD!!
God is so GOOD!!

First, Joseph sent a note saying the swelling is down 40%. A little while later it was 65%. THEN we got another message from them saying that the swelling just continues to go down; after reading the CT SCAN – which happened first thing this morning – the doctor’s have decided to go ahead with surgery, but not to take the hand – they are going to go in and clean the wounds thoroughly and then will be giving her a

Trip Update & Prayer Requests

Continue to Pray … 

Emily is Joseph’s wife (and former head teacher/administrator for MH) and Hadasseh is their first born. Joseph is our financial manager and administrator for Miracle House in Kenya. Last Friday – April 11, 2014 – Joseph and his family (including his brother and sister) were traveling home to Webuye when they were cut off, causing their van to roll. Emily and Hadasseh were ejected from the vehicle. All others walked away uninjured from the accident. We are praising GOD for this miraculous event – all survived this very serious situation. Even though there are injuries, they are all alive and with us today!

Great News & Urgent Prayer Request

Good evening/morning! We have an update & an important prayer request!

We have had a fun day with the MH children – dancing, singing, laughing & playing! They are all growing very big!!

Deanna, Samantha, Matthew and Allan are doing well and thank you for your continuing prayers over us! It’s been a great trip so far!!

We received some news tonight and need your prayers here in these moments right NOW. Our friend and financial manager, Joseph, had some difficulties on the road tonight as he and his family traveled home to Webuye. Please be praying for them!

No details right now, but our God knows!!  Thank you for standing and praying and declaring with us right now!

God bless you friend and again

iMiracle News March/April 2014

We have so much to share with you this month! A new website launch, new brochures, a new program … Spring is in the air and a new FRESH outlook for 2014 and beyond for Miracle House! Please join us as we journey with the Lord to meet the needs of children in Kenya!

As always, thank you for standing with us in prayer and thankfulness for the Lord’s provision for Miracle House – our children now have a HOPE for the future!

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Deanna & Samantha in