Trip Update & Prayer Requests

Trip Update & Prayer Requests

Continue to Pray … 

Emily is Joseph’s wife (and former head teacher/administrator for MH) and Hadasseh is their first born. Joseph is our financial manager and administrator for Miracle House in Kenya. Last Friday – April 11, 2014 – Joseph and his family (including his brother and sister) were traveling home to Webuye when they were cut off, causing their van to roll. Emily and Hadasseh were ejected from the vehicle. All others walked away uninjured from the accident. We are praising GOD for this miraculous event – all survived this very serious situation. Even though there are injuries, they are all alive and with us today!
Emily is smiling here in this picture, but she is in much pain. Hadasseh, who is three, has multiple fractures on her arm and wrist, including a compound fracture of her humorous bone.
We ask you to continue to pray over this precious family. Joseph has made the decision to move them to a private hospital so that they can receive the urgent care they desperately need. The cost will be high, but are hoping to raise the rest of what they will need. (Estimated up to $5,000)

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Sunday on the Mountain!
Samantha taught Sunday morning

We had a fun, but quick time up on Mt. Elgon Sunday morning to celebrate Palm Sunday and to celebrate our continued friendship with Pastor Fred, Centrine his wife and their church family.

As we drove Sunday morning, we saw several parades of people dancing and singing with their palm fronds as they walked to their churches. The entire atmosphere was charged with celebration, singing and laughter.

A New Member of the Family
Gideon finally arrives

We were blessed to be asked to visit the home of our staff member and friend John Wanyonyi and his wife Rose. Gideon their son has arrived. He is now about 5 months old. John and Rose have been awaiting his arrival for almost 10 years now after John received a very specific word from the Lord many years ago and has been praying into that vision. The Lord answered their prayers last fall when Gideon arrived.

John is also now a pastor of a church just outside Bungoma, which is another answer to prayers from many years back. We are pleased to let you all know that the family is doing well and the baby and momma are in very good health. Thank you for praying with us through this journey.

Secondary Students Exceling
Our students are home now for their term break

We have 16 students in Secondary school! It’s amazing as we look back over the years to see how much they’ve grown and flourished. We are reminded daily how privileged we have been by the Lord to be a part of their lives and to see His hand in such an amazing and tangible way!

Please continue to pray over the children – both primary and secondary students – as we go through the year. Their marks are improving each term and we are so excited and blessed to walk this journey of life
alongside them.