Update! News about Hadassah!

Update! News about Hadassah!

Continue to Pray … 


The van after the accident
last Friday night


Reports through the day today have been ALL GOOD!!
God is so GOOD!!

First, Joseph sent a note saying the swelling is down 40%. A little while later it was 65%. THEN we got another message from them saying that the swelling just continues to go down; after reading the CT SCAN – which happened first thing this morning – the doctor’s have decided to go ahead with surgery, but not to take the hand – they are going to go in and clean the wounds thoroughly and then will be giving her a blood transfusion because she has lost so much blood. We haven’t received much of an update on Emily’s condition – but we will try to find out more in the morning.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY! We are hoping for FULL & COMPLETE healing for both of them!

Joseph’s last message, “God is great. He has already perfected it. She is healed. Tomorrow she will go for an operation not to check if they can chop off the hand but to deeply wash or clean the wound. Glory be to God. She will also go for blood transfusion. She lost a lot of blood in that accident. I am seeing His power over this issue. CT Scan report is so encouraging. This is God’s report. Hallelujah! This is my Easter gift, restoring Hadassah’s hand!”

We are so THANKFUL that the family has been relocated to the Kijabe hospital where they are receiving the urgent care they desperately need. We are thankful to those of you who have already given or have pledged to give to help with the financial burden of the medical bills. The van is a total loss and now with the medical bills it is all adding up for them, any help is greatly appreciated!!

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