UPDATE! Deanna and Samantha in Kenya

UPDATE! Deanna and Samantha in Kenya

Miracle House Trip Update & Prayer Requests

April 19, 2014

Continue to Pray … 

Hadassah has come through her first surgery very well. The doctors were able to clean out the wounds thoroughly and even removed pieces of glass that had been imbedded in her arm.

She will be going back into surgery this next week (Tues, Wed or Thurs) to have the bones set and the arm reconstructed. Her hand is doing better and the swelling is much less and continues to improve now that things are cleaned up. KEEP PRAYING!!

Unfortunately, Emily still hasn’t been seen by the doctors. We have encouraged her to get checked ASAP!! As many of you who are parents know – when your child is ill or injured your first reaction is to care for their needs above all else. Emily can be stubborn and is very concerned for her daughter. Deanna and I both sat with her as moms and explained that if she does have something serious going on, without being checked it could get worse. PLUS we’d like to be able to give you all direction on what to be praying over.  In the meantime, please be praying for her back, lifting is difficult (she cannot even hold their son, Silas who is a chunky 11 month old), touching her left side is very painful. Her head and ear are still very painful and her ear has several lacerations, both inside and out. We are hoping she can get in for her CT scan on first thing on Tuesday. (Monday is a holiday here in Kenya for Easter).

Joseph and Emily are both so humble and thankful for the prayers and support that is coming in from all over! You all have blessed them beyond words.Friends, we still need your help. AGAIN – We ask you to continue to pray over this precious family. The costs at the new hospital they have been admitted at are starting to grow, but we have been able to help thus far. We wanted to say thank you to those of you who have given so generously!!  We have had $2,600 come in or pledged in the last week. We are still are hoping to raise the rest of what they will need. (Estimated $5,000+)

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Back in Limuru!
Time with the kids today

We are headed out this morning – in the rain – to see our kids in Limuru. We were able to spend some time with them last week before we went west, but are excited to share our Easter message and activities with them today. Hopefully we will have them all, it is very difficult for some of them to get to Miracle House when it is raining as heavily as it has been – plus it is very cold for them.

Please pray over our time together today. Hearts continue to be knit together and that the children have a new and fresh revelation or encounter with Jesus. Thank you friends. Hopefully we will have some great photos to share with you later tonight.

Our trip has been very good so far!

We have had a good trip so far and are checking things off the to do lists. We want to express our gratitude for your support and prayers while we are here and hopefully express some of what we are  feeling. You bless us.