2016 Year End Newsletter – Document Link

2016 Year End Newsletter – Document Link

2016 Year End Newsletter

Please click the link above or at the bottom of the page for the entire newsletter with photos and details!  Our donors from 2016 received a copy of this in the mail (please notify us if you haven’t received your newsletter yet!) But we wanted to make sure it was available to all of our supporters in a digital format also. If you gave in 2016 and haven’t received your donation receipt or your year end newsletter, please email us at info@miracle-house.org and let us know you haven’t received your newsletter and include your correct mailing address! We’ll make sure to update your file and get your statement to you.

~ Celebrating 10 years ~
LAUNCHING into the next Decade

We give God the glory for HE has taken us through a most difficult year. Never have we had to dismiss so many employees.
Never have we experienced such a pruning and now the resulting fruit …

God has done much in the 10 years Miracle House has been serving the children in Kenya!  We started small
with 23 children and have grown, by the grace of God – we are NOW serving 170 amazing children.

A Little more makes a big difference ~ expansion!

It is time for an increase in our child sponsorship monthly investment and commitment.  Through the last 10 years we have had many increases in expense of “doing ministry” including—inflation, expansion and what we provide for the natural progression of children growing up!!  It is, of course, more expensive to care for and educate a high school student than a preschooler.

So, after 10 years, we are asking our sponsors to increase their monthly giving by $5 per sponsorship/child, per month ($35/$70/$105). Please know we are incredibly grateful for your giving and commitment to make a difference in the lives of our Miracle House children!  We desire to continue to grow and invest in these precious lives.  When we invest together we can continue to grow forward into their HOPE and FUTURE!

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