core values

how we work

  • Unity – all work for the same goal, vision, and purpose.
  • Community – work, play, and share together
  • Intimacy – connectedness with God – recognize/realize who we are in Christ
  • Surrender – give it all for His Glory – abandon personal agenda
  • Integrity – no compromise; transparent to all in all situations
  • Faith – believe, move, or stand in our God given authority, for nothing is impossible with God. The Bible/the Gospel is our standard.
  • People of Prayer – prayer is our first action
  • Vision – see past the natural to the supernatural, we dream God’s dreams
  • Leadership – develop the leader within us – take others to new levels
  • Destiny – seeking to realize God’s specific calling on our lives
  • Intentional – living on purpose
  • Seeker – seeking first the Kingdom of God
  • Ministry – to the whole person, body, soul (mind, will, & emotions), and spirit
  • Freedom – it is for freedom we have been set free!
  • Family – together, a home and a safe place for love to grow
  • Loving Home Environment – striving for more than any of us know/knew!