building base camp

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Base Camp is a ten-acre parcel of property that Miracle House has purchased and is developing in order to provide full-time care for up to 200 children.  Located near Nakuru, which is about halfway between our two current locations, base camp will provide not only housing but also kitchen and dining facilities, a multi-purpose building, an educational center, national and international staff and missionary housing, a chapel and even a the football pitch! We have partnered with eMi who has drawn our master plan for the development.

We  have made progress on preliminary development including installing some electricity and creating a rainwater collection system.  These projects w ill expand as needed.

We now have two 40 foot shipping containers that serve both as secure storage and as a construction workshop or a meeting room since they have been set parallel to each other with a roof over the top.

While we are prayerfully awaiting funding, we currently farm the land and 2012 brought us a beautiful crop of maize.

Thank you for considering giving to the amazing project. It is only with your help that we can bring hope to the needy and orphaned of Kenya.

base camp project status

Goal Building Fund: $300,000 USD

Land Purchase 100
Planning 80
Permitting 80
Building Fund 10
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